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Lady in the Box News

is coming to Hollywood Video on November 16th!

An unsuspecting bartender believes he has been set up for the murder of his own girlfriend.

A tightly twisted tale of murder and mystery. Director Christian Otjen’s homage to Hitchcock is a ride into our collective darker depths. Two friends must face the fact that one of them has lent their speedboat to help commit a crime. And when his girlfriend disappears, the plot thickens. Is she the lady in the box?

Shot mostly at night colors in the mid-western gem of a city, Milwaukee, it is perhaps the first film to expose the post-industrial darker alleys and lakeshore bar life where many supplanted working-class citizens go searching for a better life. Young Jerry Halway, played by Darren Burrows (iMDB) falls prey to a mysterious stranger. He needs the wad of cash being offered for what seems to be a simple deed: dump a trunk in Lake Michigan. If only life were that simple.

Just in time for the holidays! You can also Watch it on 123movies!


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